IE BS Advisory Board

On January 23, 1443 AH, His Excellency the Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Dr. Bandar Abdullah Al-Ayidi, established the Advisory Committee for the Industrial Engineering Program, which is composed of members


Mission Name No
Head Head of Industrial Engineering Department 1
Member and secretary Department Council Coordinator 2
Member Dr. Amer Al Laqi 3
Member Eng. Mansour Al-Rasini 4


 Tasks of the Committee:

  1. Submitting proposals for everything that serves to foresee the future of the program.
  2. Contribute to the development of programs and curricula in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.
  3. Providing ways to deepen the partnership between the program and the local and global community.
  4. Contribute to the implementation of the college’s strategic plan in relation to the program.
  5. Submitting proposals that would provide material and moral support for the program.
  6. Contribute to the development of a coordination mechanism and the establishment of joint projects between the program and the sectors of society in order to find solutions to the problems of society in an integrated manner.
  7. Coordination with other committees within the college, each within its jurisdiction
  8. Preparing a full and comprehensive report at the end of the academic year containing complete statistics and performance indicators, if any.
  9. The work entrusted to it.


The committee meets at least once and it is at the end of the semester, provided that work is done to prepare the minutes for each meeting and provide them to the Quality Assurance Unit in the college signed by the president and members.