IE Laboratories

The following are laboratories and supporting facilities for Industrial engineering program:

(1) Material and testing laboratory: This lab provides the students the broad knowledge about manufacturing materials’ properties, behaviors, and their recognition. It serves course IE250, IE351, IE498 and IE499.

(2) Manufacturing Processes laboratory: This lab focusses on developing the students’ skills towards the ability to design required process of products and preparing test specimen for various courses. It serves courses IE250, IE351, IE352, IE498, and IE499.

(3) Quality metrology and reliability testing laboratory: This lab familiarize students with laboratory measuring devices, to study the measurements methods, to learn proper measuring techniques for quality and reliability testing. It serves courses IE311, IE312, IE333, IE496, and IE498.

(4) Human factor, time and motion, and safety laboratory: this lab enables the students to understand and absorb the basics and fundamentals of motion and time study, to measure human efforts and fatigues, and safety equipment. It serves courses IE441, IE442, IE443, IE444, IE498, and IE499.

(5) Automation and control laboratory: This lab provides the students with experience and training on the principle of automating the manufacturing processes and machinery. It serves courses IE461, IE498, and IE499.

(6) CAD/CAM laboratory: This lab provides the students with practical knowledge and training on CAD/CAM and CIM applications and technologies. This is through programming computer-aided design and manufacturing and operating CNC machines, and Industrial Robot. It serves courses IE451, IE466, IE498, and IE499.