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The College of Computer was established in 1426 AH corresponding to 2005 CE, and it included the Department of Computer Science as the first department in the college. Then, in the year 1430 AH corresponding to 2009 AD, the Department of Computer Engineering was opened. In 1432 AH corresponding to 2011 AD, the foundation stone was laid for a special building for the college, which was opened in 1434 AH corresponding to 2013 AD. In the year 1437 AH corresponding to 2014 AD, the college began its intensive efforts in preparation for obtaining academic recognition for the computer engineering program from the American Evaluation Foundation for Engineering and Technical Sciences(ABET) These efforts were crowned with success, thanks to God’s grace and success, and then thanks to the efforts made by all the faculty’s employees. In the year 1438 AH corresponding to 2017, the name of the college was changed from the College of Computer to the College of Engineering and Computer Science. In 1439 AH, 2018, the Ministry of Education approved the creation of two new departments, namely the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering and the Department of Industrial Engineering, in addition to the development of a software engineering track under the umbrella of the Computer Science Department and a network engineering track under the umbrella of the Computer Engineering Department.

The college currently has more than 130 students, of whom 25 percent are female. In line with the increasing demand for engineering and computer science in every aspect of life, the college is doing its best to graduate highly qualified, skilled and highly trained students who are able to meet the challenges of the real world. The college departments are dedicated to education, research and excellence in general, and currently graduates of the College of Engineering and Computer Science occupy several high positions in the fields of engineering and computing. The college has a distinguished academic staff with high expertise in the field of engineering and computer science, who strive to impart knowledge and quality education. The college has well-equipped laboratories for teaching, training and implementation of student projects, including a number of specialized laboratories. The college hopes to contribute to the promotion of industrial, economic and social development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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