ECE Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  •  The applicant must have completed a high school certificate, or its equivalent from inside and outside of the
  • Kingdom.
  • Not more than five years have passed since the applicant has obtained high school diploma or its equivalent, those who exceed the period of time must submit a review request. 
  • Be of good conduct. 
  • Applicant has to successfully pass test or personal interview (if any) required by the department. 
  • To be medically fit. 
  • To fulfill any other conditions determined by the council at the time of the admission.

Documents Required

  • Original high school certificate.
  • Good conduct certificate (if any). 
  • A copy of valid identity (ID card or residency card). 
  • A copy of passport. 
  • A copy of the aptitude test result. 
  • A copy of achievement test result (for scientific majors only). 
  • Four personal photographs (only for male applicants). 
  • Receipt of payment of admission fee.