Dr. Bandar Abdullah Aloyaydi

The College of Engineering and Computer Science at Al-Mustaqbal University seeks, through its scientific departments, to prepare skilled and knowledgeable graduates in the following departments: Computer Engineering, Network Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. Therefore, the college was keen to achieve its vision of a nationally distinguished college in education and community partnership in the fields of engineering and computer science. And its mission is to provide distinguished education and enhance the skill side in the fields of engineering and computer science, to prepare qualified graduates with skills and knowledge and to ensure their equipment to meet the changing demands of the labor market and society through the development of technologies and innovation.

It is built according to the vision and mission of the university to providing high quality an educational environment capable of providing Distinguished education and skills development, which is reflected in raising the level of students’ readiness to contribute to building and developing the nation.