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The College of Engineering and Computer Science is keen to empower its students for the market through a set of classroom and extra-curricular activities through which students’ scientific and practical skills are stimulated and refined.

This program aims to further strengthen the practical and logical skills of students through the physical implementation of the projects (accompanied by a practical model) within the courses.

In order to create a spirit of competition and motivate students to work hard in the field of projects, the college conducts an exhibition at the end of the semester through which all students’ projects are presented. Then a specialized committee of arbitrators evaluate the projects and select three best projects for the award.

Main objectives

Developing the scientific skills of the students

Promote teamwork

Provide a learning environment that stimulates innovation

Contribute to transforming students' projects into products that serve the local community

Course Project Timeline
تعليمات وضوابط مشاريع المقررات الدراسية

1. The number of project members should not be less than two and not more than 3 members. 

2. Project members are committed to use the approved report template and the scientific poster template.

3.  The student is obligated to attend the projects exhibition.

4.  The student adheres to the predetermined deadlines in submitting the project (report, scientific poster and prototype ).

5.  The student is keen to attend workshops for writing the report and the scientific poster in order to learn about the elements of writing the report, evaluation criteria and techniques for preparing the scientific poster.

6. It is not allowed to change the name of the project or change the members of the project without the prior permission of the supervisor and the committee.

7. The deadline for selecting the project and distributing it to students is at the end of the fourth week.

8.  The deadline for submitting projects (report, scientific poster and prototype) is at the end of the twelfth week.

9.  The project must be related to the course content.

10. The student is provided with a serial number for the project from the course professor, and the student must commit to placing it on both the scientific poster, the report and the prototype..