CE Vision , Mission and Objectives

Department Vision

To become a national leader in providing high quality education in the area of computer engineering and computer network.

Department Mission

To excel in embracing knowledge and continuing education; to be recognized as a program that offers one of the best programs in computer engineering and computer network; to provide an environment in which students are given the essential resources to address and solve real-world problems; and to promote active learning, critical thinking, and engineering judgment. In addition, offering internship, co-op and continuing education programs that produce graduates for the highest paid jobs.

Educational Objectives

Providing distinguished education that contributes to:

  1. Demonstrate success in the professional practice of computer and network engineering by interacting with members of professional teams in industry, government, and other organizations.
  2. Keep students’ professional knowledge updated through continuously learning new concepts and identifying the new directions in areas of computer engineering and network engineering.
  3. Have good manners in their professional environment and develop skills to enhance the state of their practice in a dynamic professional environment.