IE Academic Staff

Qualification and Institution. Specialization Academic Rank Administrative Position Nationality Name #
M.Sc. Manchester University Great Britain Mechanical Engineering Lecturer Head of department Algeria Eng. Ramdan Said Bedri 1
Ph.D. Zagazig University Egypt Mathematics Assistant Professor Department Council coordinator Egypt Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed Jomaa 2
Ph.D. Blida University Algeria Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor ——— Algeria Dr. Brahim Fernini 3
M.Sc. University of Belgrade Yugoslavia Chemistry Lecturer ——— Syria Mr. Modather Abdul’ Salam Shehade 4
M.Sc. University of London Metropolitan Britain Mathematics Lecturer ——— Saudi Arabia Mr. Nawaf Naif Rashid Alfredi 5
B.Sc. Qassim University Saudi Arabia Mechanical Engineering Assistant ——— Saudi Arabia Eng. Faisal Saud Alharbi 6