About the Unit

The Academic Affairs Unit at the College of Engineering and Computer Science was established at the Future University to provide all academic services to the student since the date of joining the college.

Unit Tasks

  1. Participate in the preparation of study schedules, by specifying the dates of the courses, classrooms and the names of the faculty members, and entering it into the system.
  2. Organizing the registration, deletion and addition process for the various departments’ courses
  3. Studying different student cases, such as re-enrollment, transfer from one department to another, postponement of dismissal and apology.
  4. Participate in the preparation of final exams schedules.
  5. Preparing reports on the academic status of students and submitting them to the Dean of the College.

Unit Manager

Amjad Ayoub Ibdah
Ext: 1331
Email: COCAffairs@uom.edu.sa

Unit Vision

Excellence in providing the best academic services to college students and assisting them in an optimal manner to ensure a distinguished educational process of high quality

Unit Message

The unit seeks to organize the academic procedures for the students of the college and exploit all the capabilities of the college to facilitate the provision of its services to the fullest