About the Committee

Given the importance of student activities and their positive impact on students in various fields (cultural, social, scientific and sports), the Student Activities Committee was formed to provide extracurricular activities for college students

Areas of Student Activities

First: cultural activity

The cultural activity aims to develop the cultural aspect of the students and discover and refine their cultural talents. This may allow the college to work on developing their talent and encourage them to exploit it. To achieve these goals, this activity is presented to students in different ways and through:

  1. Organizing competitions among students in various fields. Public speaking – Arabic calligraphy – photography – etc…
  2. Holding scientific and cultural seminars.
  3. Holding research competitions that encourage students to visit the library.
  4. And other cultural activities

Second: sports activity

It plays an important role in revealing students’ abilities and tendencies and providing the appropriate atmosphere for practicing sports activities, which leads to the expansion of students’ participation in various types of sports activity. Which will be represented in various purposeful sports activities such as:

  1. Holding a football tournament on the Dean’s Cup among students in the college.
  2. Purchasing sports supplies and hospitality equipment for student activities and meetings.
  3. Conducting an open competition, a marathon, that was walked inside the university premises.
  4. Table tennis tournament, electronic games competitions and open activities.
  5. And other sports activities…

Third: social activity.

The social activity aims to contribute to students’ interdependence and implant beautiful moments between them through internal and external activities, and instill a love of volunteering among students through.

  1. Organizing recreational trips among students.
  2. Participation in public events such as: Celebrating the Kingdom’s National Day, the National Blood Donation Campaign and Traffic Week.
  3. And other social activities…

Fourth: Scientific and computer activities

It aims to encourage scientific innovations and creative ideas and nurture talented and distinguished students through

  1. Conducting workshops related to multimedia (audio, image and video processing) and producing instructional and educational materials.
  2. Conducting workshops on network design between computers.
  3. A scientific visit to some factories located in the region.
  4. And other scientific activities…

Committee objectives

  1. Develop and upgrade students’ skills and abilities in several areas.
  2. Promote the principle of teamwork.
  3. Enhancing societal values ​​and instilling them in the students’ conscience in line with the teachings of the Islamic religion.
  4. Refine the student’s personality to become a valid personality that benefits his community.
  5. Highlighting and developing students’ talents.
  6. Providing students with experience in various fields through their participation in the various activities held by the committee.