About the department

Department of Computer Sciences was established in 1426 H (2005) in order to serve the higher education needs in Qassim Region, of Saudi Arabia. Since then the department has gained successful experiences and pioneered many established systems and traditions in the Kingdom at the academic level. Department of Computer Science is now offering Baccalaureus degree in Computer Science with two specialized tracks namely Computer Science and Software Engineering Respectively.

Department of Computer Science is a forward-looking department as is evident through the commitment of its dedicated academic leaders, faculty members and staff sharing the responsibility of coherence of curriculum, integrity of academic process, and the continuous improvement of the department. The pursuit of department’s vision and mission, serving the community through excellence in education, science, drives the department to achieve competitiveness, national prominence and visible international presence.

With the growing demand of computing in every aspect of life, the department is making best efforts to produce highly trained and capable computer scientists who can take up the challenges of the real world. The department is dedicated to education, research and overall excellence. Our graduates are seated on high positions in almost every area of life involving computing. The department of CS has a fine blend of experienced and young personalities as faculty, who are involved in imparting quality education. Faculty commitment to excellence in teaching has been honored and rewarded with various institutional awards. The department has well-equipped computer laboratories for course work teaching and student projects, including a number of specialist laboratories. If you are a prospective student in Computer Science, please come to visit us– we always have time to welcome and entertain new and talented students. We welcome you to browse through the departmental web site. Whether you are a student, a parent, alumni, or a colleague, we want to hear from you. Your comments and suggestions will help us move to the next level and provide us with encouragement to maintain excellence.

program vision

To become a national leader in providing high quality education in the area of computer science and software engineering.

program mission

The mission of computer science department is to provide quality undergraduate education in both the theoretical and applied foundations of computer science & software engineering and train students to effectively apply this education to solve real-world problems thus amplifying their potential for lifelong high-quality careers.

program objectives

1.     Prepare students to be capable of pursuing life-long learning and to be accepted for an entry level job in high reputed worldwide organizations immediately after completing the degree.

2.     Prepare students to critically analyze and apply a range of concepts, principles, and practices in computing, software engineering and information management.

3.     Prepare students to work as individuals with minimum guidance and as leaders or members of a team.

4.     Prepare students to follow appropriate practices within a professional, legal, and ethical framework.