About the Unit

The Academic Advising Support Unit was established at the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Future University in line with the university’s ambition for academic excellence. The unit is concerned with planning and supervising the implementation of the academic advising process by the faculty members of the college, and it is responsible to the dean of the college for achieving the goals for which it was established and carrying out the tasks assigned to it

Unit Objectives

  1. Preparing new students and motivating them to adapt to university life.
  2. Helping new students to choose the appropriate major.
  3. Encouraging and honoring outstanding students, and investing in their abilities and capabilities.
  4. Follow-up students who falter academically, and help them correct their academic path.
  5. Discover talented and creative students, and nurture them.
  6. Spreading the culture of academic and student guidance among the college’s employees.

Unit’s Employees

President: Dr. Tariq Othman
Member: Mr. Ahmed Fahmy Haj Asaad
Member: Ms. Nihal Ahmed Ali Al-Duwaigri

Unit Vision

Leadership and excellence in the field of academic guidance, working to develop the student’s personality, helping them solve their educational and academic problems, reaching the desired scientific excellence and developing their creative and intellectual abilities in various fields in order to achieve the Kingdom’s 2030 vision

Unit Message

Assisting students in developing their abilities and capabilities, understanding and solving their academic problems, sensing academic problems before they occur and working to find appropriate solutions, reaching the highest possible degree of academic compatibility By providing distinguished and diverse counseling services to the student