About the Department of Industrial Engineering

Mustaqbal University has opened a new department in the field of engineering specializations, and it is related to industrial engineering. This modern specialization is considered a branch of engineering, which can be defined according to the official definition from the Institute of Industrial Engineers, which can be formulated as follows:

Industrial engineering is concerned with the improvement, design, and installation of integrated systems consisting of people, materials, information, equipment, and energy.

The Department of Industrial Engineering is one of the most important departments of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Mustaqbal University, and it is recently established. This engineering department, the pioneer in the Qassim region, is unique in providing an integrated educational and training program that allows graduates to acquire scientific knowledge and practical skills, ranging from engineering sciences, economic sciences, administrative sciences, in addition to basic sciences. And this department, like the rest of the college departments, also seeks to contribute effectively to community service, economic development, and meeting the needs of the Kingdom.


The Industrial Engineering Program awards a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Industrial Engineering after 5 academic years. The study plan includes 164 credits, distributed as follows:

 – 41 hours of general studies, including English and Arabic, in addition to lessons in Islamic       culture, learning skills, computer and entrepreneurship.

 – 32 hours of mathematics and basic science studies.

 – 16 hours dedicated to engineering science studies and

 – 75 hours of industrial engineering.


In order to provoke and enhance the applied thought of the students in the department, in addition to the academic courses, summer training for students in various industrial sectors is relied upon, as well as the implementation of graduation projects concerned with the theoretical and practical aspects alike.


The field of industrial engineering is characterized by a wide variety of fields of work, which provides the graduates of the department with abundant and multiple career opportunities. It is possible for an industrial engineer to work in:

Metallurgical industries, mining industries, petroleum industries, food industries, plastic industries, chemical industries, leather industries, textiles industries, furniture industry, equipment industry, and pharmaceutical industries.

Furthermore, outstanding graduates can complete their postgraduate studies in the fields of master’s or doctorate available for this specialization, among which we mention:

Industrial Engineering / Design and Manufacturing, Maintenance Engineering and Quality Management, Embedded Systems, Industrial Automation, Renewable energy, project management, quality management, engineering project management, energy management, enterprise systems engineering, business and marketing.