About the Unit

Based on the decision of the Dean of the College (based on the powers conferred upon him by law), the establishment of a Quality Assurance Unit at the College of Engineering and Computer Science – formerly Qassim Private Colleges was approved.
Starting 10/18/1434. The Quality Assurance Unit at the College has made the internal regulations for the Quality Assurance Unit at the College so that it achieves its intended purpose and in accordance with. The mission and strategy of the colleges in order to ensure quality and access to accreditation

Unit Tasks

The Quality Assurance Unit of the College of Engineering and Computer Science seeks to continue improving the performance efficiency of the college in its educational systems and programs in line with the mission and objectives of the college.

announced in order to gain the community’s confidence in its graduates, based on recognized evaluation mechanisms through an independent and impartial framework. The unit’s objectives are:

  1. Establishing policies, rules and procedures for continuous development and qualification for academic accreditation.
  2. Spreading the culture of quality and maximizing the faculty members’ attitudes towards implementing the quality assurance system.
  3. Developing the skills of faculty members, their assistants, and college employees on the requirements and mechanisms of quality assurance.
  4. Performance evaluation through an integrated diagnosis of the current situation.
  5. Enabling the college to achieve its mission and strategic goals.
  6. Maximizing community participation activity.
  7. Support continuous improvement processes to ensure total quality.

Unit Message

Continuous work to improve the quality of education in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, gain the community’s confidence in the college graduate, and accredit the college to the concerned authorities, through Systems and mechanisms characterized by independence, justice and transparency

Unit Manager

Dr. Ali Fouad
Ext: 3113
Email: COC.Quality.Head@uom.edu.sa

Deputy Unit Manager

Jawad Fatji Abu Salama
Ext: 3116
Email: jfabusalama@uom.edu.sa