IE Department Committees

Self-study preparation committee:

I- Composition of the committee:
The committee is composed of six groups matching the quality standards, which are as follows:

Standard # Standard Supervision
1 Vision and mission. Eng. Ramdan Said Bedri
2 Program management and quality assurance. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmad Jomaa.
3 Teaching and learning. Eng. Ramdan Said Bedri
4 Students. Mr. Modather Abdul’ Salam Shehade
5 Members of academic staff. Mr. Nawaf Naif Rashid Alfredi
6 Learning resources, facilities and equipment. Eng. Faisal Saud Alharbi

II- Missions of the committee:

      1. Coordination between the sub-groups and the Quality Committee at the college level.

  1. Determining the criteria and standard indicators and defining the current and evidence on programmatic bases.
  2. Presenting the committee’s calendar in each section to everyone to obtain feedback from the members of the department council.
  3. The concerned committee should reformulate the report in a way that takes into account the collective vision and that is consistent with the mission and objectives of the program.
  4. Continuous follow-up and periodic evaluation of all activities to ensure the continuous development of the internal quality assurance system for the educational institution and its programs.

III. The committee may seek the assistance of whomever it deems appropriate from inside or outside the college to benefit from it in carrying out its work.