Scientific Seminar Entitled "Analysis and Design of High Gain Antena"

The Scientific Research Committee of the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the Department of Electronics and Communications organized a seminar titled “Analysis and Design of High Gain Lens Antennas”. The seminar was presented by Dr. Walaa Mohamed Sobhy AbdelAziz Hassan on Tuesday, October 3rd.

The seminar discussed the latest developments in high gain lens antenna technology, with a focus on the analysis and design of the antennas. Various technical and application aspects related to antenna technology were discussed during the seminar.

  1. Clarification of advanced methods for analyzing and designing high gain lens antennas.
  2.  Providing an overview of recent developments in antenna technology. 
  3. Enhancing researchers’ and students’ understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with antenna technology.

This seminar is part of ongoing efforts to enhance scientific research and innovation in the field of engineering and computer science, and to provide a platform for researchers and students to learn about the latest developments in communication technology.