Visit to Qassim Science Exhibition

Within the framework of developing the knowledge of students of the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The college, represented by the Student Activities Committee, organized a scientific visit for female students to the Qassim Scientific Exhibition on Wednesday (3/5/2023). The visit was accompanied by Ms. Atheer Al-Mansour, Ms. Mai Al-Rashidi, and Ms. Nawahel Al-Ghafis.

At the reception were the officials of the exhibition.

The students were taken on a tour of the exhibition where they learned about the training programs and different types of exhibitions held at the center. Which included many fields such as biological, environmental sciences, physical, engineering as well as technical sciences. The students also enjoyed experimenting with many experiments such as recognizing the sounds of the internal organs of the body, experimenting with the effect of static electricity on the body, and experimenting with launching a rocket using hydrogen.

At the end of the visit, the university expressed its thanks and gratitude to the exhibition officials for providing the students the opportunity to visit and for the hospitality they found during the visit.