Orientation Program for New Students at the College of Engineering and Computer Science for the Academic Year 2023-2024

Continuing to provide support and guidance to students, the Student Activities Committee, in cooperation with the Support, Counseling and Academic Affairs Unit and the Academic Affairs Unit at the college, organized an orientation program for new students.

Organized on Tuesday, August 22, 2023 at 10:00 am, the program aims to provide important details in the academic life of the student. The program included the following:

1. Dean’s Speech:

The program opened with a speech from His Excellency the Dean of the College, where he welcomed the new students, explained the vision and mission of the College, and described the College’s role in developing and improving students’ skills in line with the labor market.

2. Definition of the university and college:

In this part, an introductory overview of the university was presented, in addition to reviewing important information about the college and the scientific departments available in it. The services and facilities available to students and how to benefit from them were highlighted.

3. Student Activities:

An overview of the student activities offered by the college was presented, in addition to providing examples of some of the distinctive activities that students can participate in that aim to enhance social interaction and develop personal skills.

4. Academic Advising:
The Head of the Academic Advising Unit gave a presentation explaining the role of academic advising and student support in facilitating students’ academic journey. The importance of academic advising, the role of the academic advisor, and how to benefit from the academic advising process in overcoming the student’s difficulties were highlighted.

5. Academic Affairs:
The Director of Academic Affairs gave an overview of the academic portal that students need during their studies. Important academic movements of students were also clarified.

6. Website:

The importance of the college’s website and how to benefit from it to access important academic information, such as study plans, course details, additional resources, including the assistance in preparing study schedules, electronic bag, student forms, electronic portal and other services.

7. A tour of the college facilities:
At the end of the program, the students toured the university and college facilities, where they visited the Central Library and the Future Center for Industrial Innovation, in addition to a comprehensive tour of the laboratories in the college.